7 Slot Nomads

Get Out

Some of our trips are overlanding trips. These are trips that are always moving, not staying in one place, camping at a different site every night. These trips generally have a start and end point that are different. They may traverse more than one state. Whatever you need including food, water, camp equipment, and even spare fuel will be carried daily between stopping points. Visits to towns will be infrequent and based on material needs. We head into town for ice for the cooler, something interesting to eat we didn't cook, maybe do some laundry, and refill the gas tanks.

On the other hand, we do some backcountry travel trips that may have a basecamp or a couple of base camps. We generally carry what we need for the day or maybe a couple days. Fuel stops and restaurants are seen more often. Indoor sleeping options are easier to come by which is pretty nice in inclement weather. Packing a tent with snow on the ground or in a driving rain is much more romantic sounding in a story than it is in real life. Most of our backcountry excursions are out and back. We pick some trails to run, or a location to see and come back in at the end of the day. Occasionally we camp out part of the time and stay in part of the time.
Are you a Prospect for Backcountry or Overland travel? Interested in spending some time in the backcountry with us? Send us an email and tell us about it.
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