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This is the next part of the epic vacation with our good friends (the Oklahoma Johnsons).

We spent a few days roaming around the Tetons checking out Mormon Row and a few open Jeep trails.

I can’t describe the Tetons and the pictures don’t do it justice. They may be the most beautiful mountains I’ve ever seen. Are they the highest? Nope, but they are stark and forbidding. They seem to leap out of the group and rise over 6,000’ almost immediately. Most Colorado peaks are not so steep and sharp. I’ve Jeeped to 12,000’ in Colorado, but these mountains are somehow different.

We did some hiking there also and the weather was fair, but the winds were cold. I can’t imagine how the early settlers survived those harsh winters.

While Yellowstone was wild and varied in terrain, the Tetons were different. They dominated everything around them. If the Tetons were in sight, they were what you looked at. Everything else, lakes, animals, fields, and streams paled in comparison to those fantastic peaks.
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