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The Infamous Outlaw Trail

We spent a couple weeks or so running the infamous Outlaw Trail from up near the Montana-Canadian border to the Grand Canyon. Altogether we drove a couple thousand miles off-road.

The route took us through some incredible backcountry. We came south and west from Malta, Montana with the Rockies to our west up into the Missouri Breaks. We camped at the top of the Missouri Breaks and the night was clear. The stars were indescribable.

Then down into Wyoming where we cut back east into Hole-in-the-wall country. The big red wall stretches for 150 miles. We went through the gap and saw the hole the country was named for.

From there, we went southwest into the mountains and ran through some old ghost towns. Names like Atlantic City were reminiscent of the hope of the founders. We camped under the Aspen trees in the high country with snow still on the ground in many places.
After a resupply in Rock Springs, Wyoming, the next point on the Outlaw Trail was Brown’s Hole in northwestern Colorado. We rolled through there and on into the wild country. We eventually made it up Signal Mountain with its 360 degree views. We also checked out Dinosaur National Monument and the Gates of Lodor.

From there we dropped down into northeastern Utah and camped out in the cliffs overlooking the desert country down below. In the distance we could see Canyonlands and Arches as well as the Henry Mountains off to the southwest. The next morning we dropped down into Vernal, Utah with some very thirsty Jeeps. It had been a few days and about 300 miles offroad since refuel and resupply.

We took a few hours and ate indoors for a change, found a laundromat, and some of us rented a motel room and took turns with a good hot shower. It had been several days since we had a chance to clean up.
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Afterwards we headed south out of Vernal into the desert country, camped in Robbers Roost country. The following day we traversed Canyonlands, crossed the Dirty Devil River and camped in a slot canyon near some old indian hieroglyphs. It was a long hot day. I think we made about 80 miles in all and spent most of the day in 4 low.

The next day we ran Capitol Reef then climbed into the Henry Mountains. We camped again in the high country in the largest Aspen trees I’ve ever seen. From there we were headed back down into the desert country, ran the Devil’s Backbone and crossed Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument.

Eventually all good runs must end and we finally terminated our journey in Page, Arizona. From there our company split up and headed home.
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