7 Slot Nomads

Get Out

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Jill and I drove the Jeep up through Colorado and into the Rocky Mountain National Park. We spent some time wandering around some old ghost towns and abandoned mining towns near the collegiate peaks in the Buena Vista area before making our way to Estes Park.

Angela and Sawyer flew into Denver and met us in Estes Park. We stayed a couple nights at the Stanley Hotel and explored Estes Park like the tourists we were. Then we rolled out into the Rocky Mountain National Park. Beautiful scenery everywhere. The weather was clear most of the time and we got to do some hiking and get some “eco-therapy”.

The elk were out in abundance and since it was July, we weren’t too worried about them getting crazy. The bucks were still in velvet and the females were all over the place in fair sized herds.

We came out of the park on the south side and rolled into Grand Lake. Grand Lake is much quieter than Estes Park. Few tourists stay at Grand Lake compared to Estes Park. We enjoyed our time there boating, hiking, and Sawyer did some rock climbing and bouldering.
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