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Overland Trip Logistics


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Durable Goods
Sleeping bags (warm and cold weather system or blankets)
Mattress pad of some kind to keep you off the ground.
Clothing to be worn in layers (expect temps from 25-85 degrees)
Enough underwear (varies according to the number of days you want to reuse or go commando)
Smart Wool (or similar) socks. Wool is great for temperature regulation and it will still keep you warm if it gets wet.
Beanie for sleeping on cold nights.
Rain gear
Hiking boots
Camp shoes
Shower shoes/Flip flops
Decent cooler to keep things cold for a couple days at a time
Cooking system & fuel for it (camp stove, Jet Boil, etc.)
Freeze Dried Food - I recommend you order a few meals and try them out before the trip to see what you like. I’m big on the Mountain House Stroganoff and the Chili Mac personally. There are some other brands that are pretty good also like Good To Go. (We will be getting stuff in town to cook sometimes, but having quick meals available is a necessity.)
Coffee - Starbucks makes some excellent instant single serving packets, but if you like Keurig style coffee, check this out.
Quick oatmeal
Snacks (nuts, fruit, etc - best to get things that can roll around some or float in the ice chest)
Drinking water (5 gallon jug, cases of water, whatever) I will have a water purifier should we need it. Bring one if you have one. I also have spare 5 gallon containers.
Knives and utensils for cooking and eating
Foil, baggies, trash bags, etc.
Trail & Camp Gear
Extra Fuel - This can be problematic since fuel has to be carried on the outside. I have the AEV setup now, but I’ve used some high quality Rotopax fuel containers also. I still have a 4 gallon Rotopax unit if someone needs to borrow it. (We could be out up to 250+ miles between stops)
Recovery equipment (tree strap, etc.)
Basic tools (don’t bring the engine rebuild rolling tool cabinet, but enough stuff to get you “fixed” - nuts, bolts, pliers, screwdrivers, etc.)
Shovel (I will bring one for camp use)
Axe and/or hand saw and/or hatchet and/or sawsall with batteries
Weaponry as might be needed, but leave NFA items behind
Tent (smaller is warmer and easier packing - 3 person tent is a good size for 2 people)
Safety & Comm Gear
Basic First Aid (bandaids, bug spray, sun screen)
I’ll have a Small Trauma Kit.
If you take any prescription medications, bring a few extra days.

Handheld Ham Radio:
We have used the BaoFeng BF-F8HP with an external magnetic mount antenna and a battery saver with good success. This link takes you to an Amazon Radio Shopping List with all the stuff in it.

*We have used CB radios, GMRS radios, and a few other things, but handheld ham radios seem to offer the best coverage at a reasonable price.
GPS Downloads
New Mexico Discovery Route 500 point GPX tracks download
New Mexico Discovery Route unabridged (larger file) GPX tracks download
Destination Downloads
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Check this link for detailed route info and options for food and lodging as well as trip highlights.

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Our trips are by invitation only and not open to the general public. If you are interested in going on this adventure, please let us know.
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